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SUNDAY MORNING. I was writing lyrics for new tracks to be submitted to my label for my next album. I was in the part “where the end starts” when somebody knocked at my door. When I opened the door, it was Hyukhyung knocking.

Kevin+: (opens the door) Hey, Eunhyukhyung, good morning, what makes you here in the morning? Come on inside, take a seat.
EH: Hey, good morning, (seats down) ahm, I am going to ask you about strawberries. Im’ma curious ’bout it.
Kevin+: Well, you didn’t mention that on the phone yesterday–
EH: That was Siwon who called you.
Kevin: E? but Siwonhyung didn’t…, well anyway, strawberries you say, well strawberries are classified as..

Then I started telling Hyukhyung all about strawberries. after I talked, he kept quiet for awhile and on his moment I resume writing lyrics. Hyuk was about to say something then someone is knocking at the door. Hyuk was about to approach the door but I immediately answered the knocking something by holding the doorknob, which made Hyukhyung speechless and puzzled. I opened the door and it was Hyoyeonnuna who was knocking.

Kevin+: Hyoyeonnuna? What can I do for you?

Hyoyeon saw me and Hyukhyung inside the house and she was wondering. Suddenly a moment of silence came and ended up staring with each other.

A sound of chirping birds and gusting of tree leaves followed.

Donghaehyung came. He was confused that time. He was shouting at us on what we are dong but ended up staring three of us at him. He then stared at us. It was followed by the entrance of Taeyeonnuna, Victorianuna, Sungminhyung, Siwonhyung, Keyhyung, Jaejoonghyung, and Ryeowookhyung, who broke the silence.

RW: Hey, is this a staring party?
Kevin+: No, this isn’t. It’s just that this came from talking ’bout strawberries and then hyoyeonnuna came and then this–
HY: What do you mean, It wasn’t me, i’ts bout of you who made a stare at me–
Victoria: Wait, wait, wait, can you tell and explain this to me?
TY: No, I don’t know either or either or..
DH: What’s happening here???????
SW: Now can you tell me–

Everybody started to complained about what happened until we ended up fighting with each other.

In the midst of our quarrel, someone spoke from afar…

Leeteuk: (awakens and pissed) Waah! Where’s that noise coming from? This is the worst I’ve ever experienced than waking up the whole SJs!

e n d


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1. Sorry, Sorry – Answer – Super Junior
2. Bali Song – Rivermaya
3. Looking For Juliet – Vanness Wu
4. Love Sick – FTIsland

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1. “The Introduction”
2. “Microphone”
3. “Count Down”
4. “Sunset: Love is All” 5:49
5. “Ballad” 5:21
6. “Last Links”
7. “Montage”
8. “Don’t Look Back”
9. “Jump!”
10. “Lady Dynamite”
11. “Sexy Little Things”
12. “Sunrise: Love is All” 4:47
13. “Meaning of Love”
14. “You Were…” 4:48
15. “Red Line: for TA” (Album Version)

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01. 何日君再来
02. Olu Pipila
03. Saichon
04. Dahil Sa Iyo
05. Rasa Sayang
06. 夜来香
07. Arirang
08. Vande Mataram
09. Bengawan Solo
10. Buuvein Duu
2.24.2010 ON SALE


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It was a very flattering day for me at home…in my room… the scenario was almost like medieval Europe…. brow-colored reflection of lousy woods covered by the striking sunshine… Reminds me when I was in the west last summer vacation last year…..

I just don’t get why there are things that would make people happy in a sense that the are in a wrong direction, I mean look at it… It’s very…old fashioned….♪

Still don’t get it…..♥ No picture yet for this post….

Thinking ’bout my dreams and ambitions….. ^^♪

라 라 라 라 라 .. 라 라 라 라 라 라 … 라 라 라 라 라 ….. 오! ♪

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1. I Don’t Care – 2NE1

2. Nobody (Jason Nevins Remix) – Wonder Girls

3. Because I’m A Girl – Kiss

4. Gee – Girls’ Generation

5. Lachata – f(x)

sment – (Gee and Lachata MVs)
SmallCat (Because I’m A Girl MV)
wondergirls (Nobody -Jason Nevins Remix Music Video)
YGEntertainment (I Don’t Care MV)

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It’s been a long time since I last updated my blog…

I can’t write anything new, as if it is some kind of writer’s block…

Well, I’ll just update you with something new soon. ♪

그것은 오랜 시간이 이후로 내 블로그에 마지막으로 업데이트한 던게 아니에요 …

내가 마치 작가의 블록의 일종인데, 뭔가 새로운, 쓸 수 없다면 …

음, 난 그냥 빨리 뭔가 새로운 당신을 업데이 트됩니다. ♪



まあ、私は何かすぐに新しいことを更新します。 ♪


我不能寫任何新的,好像它是一些種作家塊 …

好吧,我就更新您新的東西很快。 ♪

Ha sido un largo tiempo desde la última actualización de mi blog …

No puedo escribir nada nuevo, como si es algún tipo de bloqueo de escritor …

Bueno, voy a actualizar con algo nuevo pronto. ♪


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