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SM Artists have made a new record in a country far from their own.

Years ago, (2003 to be exact), Asian albums, including those of K-Pop artists like S.E.S., Swi-T and BoA, were first released in the Philippines, but these acts were not very successful in terms of sales.

Now, due to the K-Pop boom and Universal Records marketing savvy, the result is a string of NUMBER ONE albums in a period of 12 months!

Universal Records, the official home of SM Entertainment in the Philippines, is proud to reveal that most of the SM albums they released, 13* of those have reached the NUMBER ONE position in different major record retail chains like Music One, Odyssey and Astroplus/Astrovision!

Mind you, this is a tough thing to achieve because of international competition from acts like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Glee etc. Other record labels have attempted but unfortunately the results were rather disappointing.

Here’s a list of Universal Records NUMBER ONE K-Pop Artists & Albums plus the date when they achieved their Number One position:

The following titles in # are J-Pop; titles in ^ are Mandopop.

Super Junior
Sorry Sorry – September 2009
Super Girl ^( by sub-group Super Junior-M) – November 2009
Super Show 2 Live Album – February 2010
Don’t Don – May 2010
Bonamana Version A & B – July 2010
Bonamana Version C – August 2010

Girls’ Generation
Genie – October 2009
Oh! – March 2010
Run Devil Run – May 2010

Identity# – April 2010

Tohoshinki (TVXQ)
Best Selection 2010# – May 2010

NU ABO -June 2010

Lucifer Version A & B – September 2010

*BoA’s Identity and Tohoshinki’s Best Selection 2010 was actually released by Avex Japan.

Note: All SME albums are distributed by Universal Records Philippines, Inc. in the Philippines under license from Avex Asia Ltd.

Photos: SM Entertainment / Universal Records Inc.
Re / add’l texts: kevin21over3
Written by Rie27 @ Kpoplive.com

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Source: Universal Records Inc.

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Announced today, “SINGLE COLLECTION VOL.2”, Utada Hikaru’s last album before she takes her previously announced hiatus from the music industry, will be released on November 24th, 2010. Available for 3300yen, it is available for preorder now!

『Utada Hikaru SINGLE COLLECTION VOL.2』の発売日が決定!
品番:TOCT-27027・28 (2枚組)

The album is a 2-disc release, with Disc 1 comprising Hikki’s singles from 2004-2009 while Disc 2 comprises five new recorded tracks. pre-order in now ongoing today!

2010.11.24 ON SALE

Tracks (track order tba*)


* Darekano Negaiga Kanau Koro (Casshern theme)
* Be My Last (Haru no Yuki theme)
* Passion (“Kingdom Hearts II” theme)
* Keep Tryin’ (LISMO! TV CM tie-in)
* This Is Love (Nissin Cup Noodle’s Freedom Project theme)
* Boku wa Kuma (Oct.-Nov. 2006 song on NHK TV “Minnano Uta”)
* Flavor Of Life -Ballad Version- (TBS TV “Hana yori Dango 2” image song)
* Beautiful World (Evangelion Shin Gekijoban: Jo theme)
* Kiss & Cry (Nissin Cup Noodle’s Freedom Project new CM theme)
* Heart Station (CM song for Record Kaisha Chokuei)
* Stay Gold (new CM song for Kao brand Asience)
* Prisoner Of Love (Fuji TV “Last Friends” main theme)
* Beautiful World -PLANiTb Acoustica Mix- (Evangelion Shin Gekijoban: Jo theme)

*In addition, new cuts are scheduled for inclusion.

Source: Utada Hikaru’s official EMI Website ~ Release section

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* Oh baby don’t worry
don’t worry
K̆ khæ̀ xxk pị.. …
Pịlạl lā.. Kạb..gang lady
oh baby don’t worry
don’t worry
Mī cı h̄ı̂ ṭhex tĕmthī̀ … ..
Khır mā cæm. K̆ ch̀āng k̄heā s̄i.. !

Na kh̀a khn dī k̄hx pị mạn khụ̄n nī̂ ..
Na ća khn dī k̄hx pị..dance.. Thī s̄ạk…
Cheụ̄̀x na khn dī xæl kx ḥxll̒ mị̀mī..
pure pure .. Thī̀ c̄hạn s̄eph.. Mī khæ̀ s̄eīyng dntrī…
Ṭhex mī tæ̀ ṭhex mī tæ̀ ṭhex baby
so I wanna go, go to the party
Xyāk xyāk ca k̄hx k̄hx ṭhex na khn dī
Pherāa c̄hạn xyāk ca party Kạn tonight

hey boy let me know
Mị̀ t̂x ngklạwxa let me go
C̄hạn ca klạb mā trng welā tæ̀ t̄ĥā ṭhex yạng
Ca khidt̄hụng k̆ mā khæ̀ thor


I love you baby ah

Mị̀ h̄ĕnca t̂xng korṭh thả h̄n̂ā bụ̂ng xỳāng nī̂
Mị̀ khid ca lā cāk ṭhex pị nı khụ̄n nī̂
C̄hạn k̄hx khæ̀ pheīyng Tæ̀ ṭhex just say agree cuz
when the party comes C̄hạn t̂xng k̆ khng leave
Let’s go down to the floor Xxk mā t̂xng ley mị̀ wait Rx mị̀ t̂xng
Pl̀xytạwpl̀xycı h̄ı̂ dntrī mạn phā pị mị̀ t̂xng s̄n khır thả rị k̆ thả pị
S̄ı̀ h̄lāy chận mạn k̆ r̂xn na ca thả yạng ngị dị̂ k̆ take it off Sa
Mī khn k̄hêā mā khuy k̆ khng t̂xng make friends Tæ̀ xỳā khidmāk yạng ngị k̆ just friends


Party is going to over I just wanna live a little bit longer
Kẁā ca mā t̄hụng k̆ keụ̄xb ca theī̀yng khụ̄n ṭhex k̆ rū̂ mị̀ t̂xng pĕn kæl̂ng lụ̄m
Hey baby I just want some more Pherāa welā thī̀ ṭhex h̄ı̂ mạn k̆ khng mị̀ pheīyngphx
And you my love don’t worry me Khng klạb mị̀ kein tī s̄ī̀ ca kl̀xm ṭhex h̄lạb h̄ı̂ f̄ạn dī

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Unrelated post #2

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72 {{·w}} [[Go Ara|Ara]]{{·w}} Choo Ka Yul{{·w}} Hyun Jin{{·w}} Isak{{·w}} J-Min {{·w}}[[Lee Yeon-hee]]{{·w}} [[Park Hee-bon]]{{·w}} [[Song Kwang-sik]]{{·w}} [[Yoo Young-jin]]{{·w}} [[Kenzie (songwriter)|Kenzie]] {{·w}} Oh Yeon Soo{{·w}} Son Ji Chang{{·w}} Roommate {{·w}} Yoon Da Hoon{{·w}} Choi Jung Yoon{{·w}} Kim Kyung-sik{{·w}} Jeon Hwan-kyu{{·w}} Hong Rok-gi{{·w}} Lee Dong-woo{{·w}} [[No Min-woo]]
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| group3 = Former Artists
| list3 = {{nowrap begin}} [[Black Beat]]{{·w}} [[Fly to the Sky]]{{·w}} [[H.O.T.]]{{·w}} [[Han Geng]]{{·w}}[[Hero (singer)|Hero]] {{·w}}[[Isak N Jiyeon]]{{·w}} [[Jang Nara]]{{·w}}[[Micky (singer)|Micky]]{{·w}}[[Moon Hee Jun]]{{·w}} [[M.I.L.K]]{{·w}} [[S.E.S. (band)|S.E.S.]]{{·w}} [[Shinhwa]]{{·w}} [[Shinvi]]{{·w}}[[Sharp (Korean band)|S#arp]]{{·w}} [[Xiah]]
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”2002 SM China”{{·w}} ”Smile Concert 2003”{{·w}} ”2007 SMTown Summer Concert”{{·w}} ”[[SMTown Live ’08]]”{{·w}} ”SMTown Live ’09” {{·w}} ”[[SMTown Live ’10 World Tour]]”
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