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May 18, 2011

PerfumeLaser Beam/Kasuka na Kaori [CD single]
Super JuniorBijin (Bonamana) [digital format; CD single to be released June 8th]
Utada HikaruWild Life [Blu-ray format]

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I’ve been listening to Japanese electronica acts capsule and Aira Mitsuki for three months and I’ve found out something familiar about their music, and I guess it’s the what you called stock vocals (also known as voice samples — these are vocals from either an unfinished recording or from a song not known due to low popularity e.g. other tracks from a low-selling album of a low-selling artist). Due to it’s presence, there’s is one thing I’ve been longing to express to all who are reading this post: ROXANNE.

I don’t know where this “Roxanne” came from at first; I heard her first from Aira Mitsuki’s song from her third album called “Parameter”. After I found out some comments from the song that she sampled capsule’s song from their eleventh album called “Love or Lies”, I immediately listened to it and saw the similarities and the difference. Then, I became interested to these electronica acts, as well as “Roxanne” itself.

I also later found out that Aira Mitsuki’s “Wonder touch” has also the similar vocal samples from capsule’s “the Time Is Now”.

After I visited the “contemode” page of LiveJournal, in an article called “Aira Mitsuki samplin’ Nakata”, I’ve found out on the comments section the video suggestions by LJ users and later listened to it. There I found out that “Roxanne” is a real person, not a stock vocal. But many tracks used by DJs uses the same sample itself, making this a ‘real confusion’. I found out the tracks as “Confusion” by Block and Crown and “My Name Is Roxanne” by Khorgii.

On the other hand, however, i don’t know where the other “Roxanne” rap sample originally came from.

Well, let’s just listen to the samples, rather.

CONFUSION – Block and Crown
This song is what I considered somewhat “original”, since it includes “Roxanne” as a featured vocalist in this song. It has a longer version of rapping. Check the rap at 2:33.

The sample is Autotuned and pitched a bit. Check the rap at 2:54.

I guess this is nearer to the original rap. Although the song contains three Roxanne raps of the same verse, this is only the sample of the song. Check the rap at 1:15.

The sample is over-tuned. 2:37

I think I must consider this one as the “sick” version due to its out-of-tempo rap. Check the rap at 0:29.

Aside from these, I also found similar ones with the other “Roxanne raps”. Like:

The rap is pitched at a high level (I guess) to fit with the tempo of this hip-hop track. Check the rap at 2:45.

Is this the original unpitched rap version, anyone? Check the rap at 0:16.

I don’t know if this is an official recording or just a fanmade remix. Check the rap at 1:59.

I gotta find more sources. That’s about it. Isn’t Roxanne keep on mentioning Nesquik on her raps?

Credits & Thanks to all contemode LJ users who commented for the video suggestions^^

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J-pop singer-songwriter Utada Hikaru confirmed on her official Twitter account on March 24, 2011 the release postponement of the DVD and Blu-ray formats of her WILD LIFE concert and that it was moved to April 20 for the DVD and May 18 for the Blu-ray due to the damage occurred at the pressing factories (versus the previously announced April 6 in both formats).

“WILD LIFE” concert DVD/Blu-ray release has been postponed to 4/20 (DVD) and 5/18(BR) due to earthquake damage to the pressing factories.

Source: http://twitter.com/utadahikaru/status/50846564108873728

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South Korean boy band Super Junior set foot for the second time on the Philippine archie to perform once again for their Philippine fans for the Philippine leg of the SUPER SHOW 3: THE THIRD ASIA TOUR which commenced last February 26, 2011 in the Araneta Coliseum. Along with Super Junior is fellow SM labelmate South Korean rock band TRAX (comprising vocalist Jay and guitarist Jungmo) who also performed with the group during Don’t Don and their solo perf of their latest single “O! Naui Yeoshinnim”.

Super Junior previously performed at the same venue in the Philippines (Araneta Coliseum) last April 10, 2010 for the last leg of their second Asia tour SUPER SHOW 2. The concert was highly anticipated that time in the country. SS3 Manila, on the other hand and as of this time, was the largest concert ever commenced in the Araneta Coliseum, the country’s prime indoor multi-purpose arena in which almost all of the famous performers, local and international, performs when doing concerts in the Philippines.

Performers persent on the Philippine leg were: Leeteuk, Jay, Heechul, Yesung, Jungmo, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, and Henry. Zhoumi was not present on the said leg that time due to visa problems (as evident on their promotional effort for Super Junior subgroup Super Junior-M in Taiwan for just halfday).

Well, I am thinking of this for a very long time since SS3 Manila ended so I compiled everything from the respective tweets of Super Junior and TRAX. Well, here it goes…

DISCLAIMER: Sorry if I can’t provide the translations for the tweets… I am too busy as of this time. Maybe I can provide it later on. Thank you!



http://twitter.com/special1004/status/41145950038802432 :
여기는 필리핀!!!!!거대 피자의 종결자!!!옆에 딸기우유의 몇배지..완전 뜨악이다!!!!^^ http://yfrog.com/gy8bsukj

http://twitter.com/special1004/status/42251469092691969 :
필리핀 슈퍼쇼3..!!! 그대들의 열정과 즐길줄 아는 그대들의 모습에 다시한번 반했고 감사했습니다!!이번 콘서트의 징크스 역시나 또 비를 몰고온 징크스!!!정말 한번도 빠짐없이 비가..앞으로도 더 좋은 추억만들어봐요 감사합니다!!



http://twitter.com/Heedictator/status/39889638575312896 :
Philippines SS3!! http://yfrog.com/h0180wqj

http://twitter.com/Heedictator/status/41120535823921152 :
Ye~ Go Go Philippines!! Love Like Luxury http://yfrog.com/h5t4mzxj

http://twitter.com/Heedictator/status/41502425449758721 :
Manila!! Feel so good!! I really fxxkin love U!! 몸이 많이 안좋았는데 필리핀의 뜨거운 함성에 기운이 났어 Im krazy!! U toooo~ http://twitpic.com/43yy4m



http://twitter.com/shfly3424/status/41525066940293120 :
필리핀 슈퍼쇼3 !!! 여러분의 열정에 감동했어요 .. Thanks !!! http://yfrog.com/h5ojbej http://yfrog.com/h5z1qkhj



http://twitter.com/guitarjm/status/41281061396815872 :
Go!Go! Philippines !!!

http://twitter.com/guitarjm/status/41587290597756928 :
한국으로 돌아왔습니다~너무나 큰 함성으로 맞이 해 주신 필리핀 팬여러분들 고마워요~^^ 아~!오랜만에 먹은 망고스틴은 역시 최고~!!^^ http://twitpic.com/442b14



http://twitter.com/ryeong9/status/42833002165846016 :
작년 필리핀슈퍼쇼2때 감기몸살로 좋은 노래 못들려줬던게 한이 됐었는데,, 이번에 1년만에 만난 필리핀ELF 너무 고마웠어요^^~더 좋은 노래들려드릴게요* 이번 달 슈퍼쇼3~! 상해,대만,말레이시아를 갈 예정입니다^^ http://t.co/dj34Xe7



http://twitter.com/henrylau89/status/41514783320702976 :
had a blast in the Philippines! You were all AWESOME! Thank you so much! Hope to be back soon! beautiful towel btw! -hL

End of updates. Nothing follows as of this time.

One thing I am wondering about is that the other members didn’t tweet much about the Philippine SS3 leg. I wonder why. And, Jay, please do get a twitter account like Jungmo. ㅋㅋ

I still can’t get over… It’s twelve months since SS2 Manila… and a month since SS3 Manila.. What’s incredibly next is SS4 Manila! Can’t wait for it!

Well, that’s it for the SS3 Manila ~Tweet Compilation Best~. Have a nice day, ELFs!


Sources: twitter / twtkr / twitpic / yfrog : @special1004 / @Heedictator / @shfly3424 / @guitarjm / @ryeong9 / @henrylau89


Music: ♪ What do you want to do – capsule

let’s march to this electropop beat, baby! XD

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Before she went on her hiatus, Japanese-American singer-songwriter Utada Hikaru held her final concerts on December 8th and 9th to say a special goodbye to all her fans. For those of us who weren’t able to attend those concerts, we’ll be able to enjoy the experience still thanks to footage from her DVD and Blu-ray!

The two-disk set will be titled “WILD LIFE”, and it’s set to hit stores on April 6th. “WILD LIFE” will feature footage from both concerts and from behind-the-scenes; it’ll also include never-before-seen MC segments and an exclusive photo gallery, making the DVD/Blu-ray a must-buy for Hikki fans.

Bonus content:
A documentary, never-before-seen footage of Hikki interacting with the concert audience, and a photo gallery.

Buy today and receive a special gift!
The first 50,000 people to purchase Hikki’s complete collection of CDs and DVDs (including WILD LIFE, but excluding single DVDs) will receive a 500x707mm WILD LIFE poster!
*This special gift is not available at all shops. Please inquire at individual shops

Goodbye Happiness
テイク 5
Prisoner Of Love
Hymne a l’amour ~愛のアンセム~
Show Me Love ( Not A Dream )
Stay Gold
First Love
Flavor Of Life – Ballad Version –
Beautiful World


Across The Universe
Can’t Wait ‘Til Christmas
time will tell

Disc 2: Bonus Content Disc
A documentary of precious moments from the start of rehearsals until after the final performance!
2. Complete footage of Hikki interacting with audiences over the two days of the concert – never before released!
3. PHOTO GALLERY “WILD LIFE” – Numerous pictures of the concert taken by Kenji Miura!

Note: The Blu-ray disc contains both the concert footage and bonus content on the same disc.

Pre-Order Link is up!

DVD – http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=TOBF-5701
Blu-ray – http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=TOXF-5701

DVD – http://www.yesasia.com/global/wild-life-japan-version/1024097458-0-0-0-en/info.html
Blu-ray – http://www.yesasia.com/global/wild-life-blu-ray-japan-version/1024097457-0-0-0-en/info.html





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Article cancelled

-article cancelled-

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article is in private

article is in private

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